What to Look for When Purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract

While doing some research on used car buying on the web, I came across a company called GWC Warranty and started reading GWC Warranty reviews that were written by their many satisfied customers.

These GWC Warranty reviews drew my attention to vehicle service contracts and their importance when driving a used car. If you’re someone like me who likes to be prepared for all situations, you’re going to really want to look into vehicle service contracts should you ever purchase a used car.

So I decided to dig deeper into these GWC Warranty reviews to learn more about vehicle service contracts and the different types of coverage that is offered through dealers who partner with GWC Warranty.

Here’s what I found in regards to what to look for when purchasing a vehicle service contract for a used car:

Know What You’re Getting: Some people, like me before doing my research, don’t know the difference between extended warranties and vehicle service contracts. An extended warranty is a contract that is typically offered by new car dealers to extend the life of the manufacturer’s warranty for the vehicle being purchased. Vehicle service contracts are often incorrectly referred to as auto warranties or extended warranties when they are sold outside of a new vehicle purchase. The difference is subtle but simple. Car warranties and extended auto warranties need to be purchased at the time you buy a new vehicle. Vehicle service contracts can be bought anytime thereafter or when you purchase a used vehicle from a used car dealer. However, the earlier you purchase them the better coverage you can usually get for your vehicle.

Understand What’s Covered: Depending on the type of vehicle service contract you purchase, different components of your car will be covered. Vehicle service contracts are designed to protect drivers and their pockets from unexpected repairs caused by mechanical failure. Vehicle service contracts cover costs such as parts labor and rental cars when you car needs repair on a covered component. Since all vehicle service contracts are different, it’s important to understand what you’re buying and know what exactly on your vehicle is covered before signing the dotted line. The good thing is that most vehicle service contracts will plainly spell out all of the parts and services that are covered.

Budget Your Cost: One of the greatest benefits of having a vehicle service contract for your used car is that it’s easy to find coverage that fits your budget. There are all kinds of different plans and most used car dealers and vehicle service contract providers will work with you to find the coverage that you need and can afford. When shopping around for a vehicle service contract, know your budget and look for one that fits your price range but still offers the component coverage and protection you need to drive your car worry-free.

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